Functional Medicine

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Treating the Root Cause

At Revived Mobility, we take a whole-body approach to your health. We go beyond looking at symptoms to get to the underlying root causes of your health issues.

Functional medicine examines how genetics, environment, and lifestyle all interact to affect total body function and lead to disease. We perform comprehensive testing to assess organ system function, nutrient status, hormone balance, inflammation levels, and more. This allows us to create highly personalized treatment plans to restore optimal wellness.

Our goal is to help you achieve sustainable vibrant health by:

At Revived Mobility, we understand that each person’s path to wellness is unique. We listen carefully and then draw on our specialized training to help you meet your health goals and enjoy an active satisfying life.

What we treat

Are you tired of Pills

Many people come to Revived Mobility hoping to get off long-term prescription medications. Our practitioners are experts at using Functional Medicine protocols to resolve the root causes of health issues, thereby allowing patients to discontinue medications under the supervised care of their prescribing doctor. We use advanced testing to optimize physiologic function across hormonal, gastrointestinal, immune, neurological, and metabolic systems. Supported by evidence-based nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement plans, our patients are often able to stabilize their health, resolve symptoms, and work with their doctor to safely wean off medications. Functional Medicine takes a patient-centered, whole-body approach to eliminate the need for drugs that are often just masking deeper dysfunctions. We partner with you to make lifestyle changes and correct imbalances – helping return your body to a state of vitality.